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Hand and Footprints

HandandFootprints1Our skilled staff are here to help you capture your baby or child’s hand and footprints on pottery. We have over 70 different lines of pottery to choose from to put your child’s prints on: from plates and mugs of all shapes and sizes to Christmas baubles, teapots, picture frames, cookie jars and plant pots, we have something to suit all tastes and budgets.

We offer the service of creating your keepsake for you. We can take the prints, write a message of your choice and add some decoration to give your item a more professional finish.

If you’d like to create a keepsake, make a booking to come along to our new bigger shop in Hansom Court in Hinckley. It will take approximately 2 weeks to process your pottery so make sure you allow us plenty of time.

If you run a playgroup or nursery or just want to have a get together with friends, then we can come out to you.

We bring a selection of pottery and paints and help you create your unique gift or keepsake. Your finished pottery will be returned to you approximately 2 weeks later.

Price List for The Pottery Shed to Create a Gift for you






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