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Children’s Parties

0015_girls-painting-in-Studio-croppedWe can tailor your child’s birthday party to suit their age and ability. We can even theme your party to suit, such as Fairy parties. Get your children to dress as fairies and then come along and paint a fairy.

Pottery Parties

Our children’s Pottery parties start at £125 for a group of 8 and include the choice of a plate or mug for each guest. The child whose birthday it also gets the choice of a plate or mug with all their guest’s fingerprints and signatures on it. They also get a party host to coordinate their party. Our pottery parties last one and a half hours.

We don’t provide food as there is a risk of contamination with your pottery and the paints and glazes we use. You are welcome to bring a cake along to sing Happy Birthday as long as they don’t eat it in the shop. We do give the children a drink and a biscuit.

Make A Bear Party

Our Make a Bear Parties are great fun and are only £150 for a minimum of 8 children. They include a large bear for each child; a wishing star to put inside and Birth Certificate for their bears.  The children also paint a T-Shirt for their bears.

The children are shown how to hand fill each bear and we make sure they fill it to give perfect cuddles.  Our parties last one and a half hours and the children get a drink and biscuit.

We also have a range of outfits to buy for their bears at £10 each.

Party Examples


Pottery Parties
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