Welcome to The Pottery Shed, Hinckley
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The Bear Shed

Welcome to The Bear Shed, where you can Make Your Own Bear. You’ll find us located inside The Pottery Shed. Situated is in a lovely little courtyard in the centre of Hinckley.
The Bear Shed
We have over 20 large Bear skins for you to choose from: Unicorns, Dragons & Dinosaurs. To Elephants & Giraffes or Bunnies. As well as Cats or Dogs along with as lots of traditional teddy bears.
The Bear Shed The Bear Shed

We’ll give you a step by step guide on how to stuff and make your bear grow and take shape. There is no sewing involved! We’ll also give you a wishing heart to put inside your Bear and a Birth Certificate to give your Bear a name and place of birth. If you are feeling extra creative, we have T-shirts that you can paint for your bear, and a selection of outfits for your bear to wear.
The Bear Shed

If you’d like to book to come to the shop and Make a Bear, then click below to make a booking.